Should I Shoot RAW or JPEG? What’s HEIF?

While many photographers are familiar with RAW images, not everyone is, and there is some misinformation out there as well. In this post, I discuss the differences between RAWs and camera-generated JPEGs, the advantages of each, and ways to decide … Read More

What do you most miss from Aperture?

I get many emails a day requesting features for upcoming releases, and questions about RAW Power in the context of Aperture. While RAW Power is not a replacement for Aperture, I do know many customers have or had Aperture and … Read More

RAW Power 2.0 for iOS

RAW Power 2.0 is now available! Like its companion, RAW Power for Mac, iOS version 2.0 will be shipping very soon! If you are a current customer and would like to beta test the new version, tap or click here … Read More

RAW Power 2.0 for Mac Is Coming!

RAW Power 2.0 is now available! RAW Power for Mac 2.0 will ship in the next few weeks, and it will be a free upgrade! If you would like to beta test the new version, tap or click here to … Read More

RAW Power 1.1 for iOS is now available

Free download on the App Store. Video demonstration of the new features here

RAW Power for iOS version 1.1 – Approaching Beta Test!

Version 1.1 is feature complete. We plan to start beta testing in a couple of weeks. If you have time to beta test the iOS app, tap or click here to email us. Here is the list of improvements scheduled … Read More

How RAW works on iOS

UPDATE 11/16/2018: Support for RAW has improved in iOS 12. The major difference is that the Photos App on iOS can now edit RAW images natively. That said, Photos will still show the embedded JPEG until you enter Edit, so … Read More

RAW Power Plugin for Lightroom Now Available

I have added a much requested feature to RAW Power — Lightroom support. There is now a plugin you can download from the website ( RAW Power Plugin for Lightroom), which you use with the just-released RAW Power 1.4. There is … Read More

On Plug-ins

I spent some time the last few days playing around with an Aperture Plug-in. My idea was to create a plug-in that could address a big problem for those of us still using Aperture — lack of camera support. The … Read More

RAW Power for iOS 1.0.2 Release Notes

  Trial Mode for Adjustments When putting points on Curves with the Target sampler, only place a point on the currently visible curve Larger font size for Adjustment titles RAWs with small embedded thumbnails would sometimes fail to load