RAW Power for iOS 1.0.2 Release Notes


  • Trial Mode for Adjustments

  • When putting points on Curves with the Target sampler, only place a point on the currently visible curve

  • Larger font size for Adjustment titles

  • RAWs with small embedded thumbnails would sometimes fail to load

RAW Power for iOS 1.0.1 Release Notes


  • Information about dragging the Inspector to the other side of the screen

  • Larger tap targets for Adjustment titles (to collapse them)

  • Handle some cases of images that cannot be decoded

  • Fix bug with audio playback when the application is first launched

  • Default for sorting images in albums is “newest first”

  • Showing a downloading indicator when downloading the full-size image in 1-up.

  • Fix bug with display of Aperture value

  • Bigger adjustment slider controls

  • Histogram in portrait is now translucent.

  • Cleaned up artwork in various parts of the app

  • Swapped order of Sort arrow and Undo in the Grid