• ExchangeBlocker for iPhone

    Call Blocker for iOS 11

    Do telemarketers trick you by calling from your telephone exchange (area code and first three digits)?
    ExchangeBlocker puts an end to those calls.
    No subscriptions, and completely safe and private.

    Works in the US and Canada only.


Stop Telemarketers in their tracks

Block telemarketers pretending to call from a number that looks a lot like yours.

Block Telemarketers

Enter your area code and first three digits (the exchange). Telemarketers calling from that exchange are blocked.

No Subscription

Install it and go. No ongoing fees.

Safe and Private

We don’t upload your contacts or other personal information. Ever.

Quick and Easy Setup

Get up and running in about a minute.

Enter your exchange

Type in your area code and exchange. ExchangeBlocker does the rest.

Contacts are unaffected

Your Contacts from that exchange still reach you. Telemarketers don’t.

Block those Telemarketers

Blocked calls go straight to voicemail. Your phone won’t even ring.

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