FAQ Exchange Blocker

Why isn’t Exchange Blocker available any more?

My other apps are consuming 100% of my time, so I have not been able to spend any time on Exchange Blocker. For example, I have not tested it at all on iOS 13. Until I have time to test it and work on any issues or features, I think it’s best not to make it available for download.

It’s free? What’s the catch?

No catch. We made this because these kinds of calls drive us crazy and our friends said the same thing. Our business is photography software, which we charge money for. This app is something that we hope will help people deal with the scourge of telemarketers just a little bit.

How can I tell if it’s working?

Unfortunately, Apple does not supply call blockers with any information about which numbers they successfully blocked (or any information about calls whatsoever). This protects your privacy, but makes it hard to tell how well any call blocker is working. You should be able to tell by the sudden absence of this type of telemarketing call. In addition, any calls blocked by ExchangeBlocker will get a label in the Recents section of your Phone app, like this: “Blocker: 🔴 Spam Call”

However, if you want to run a test to confirm that everything is set up, you can do this (you’ll need a second phone [any kind will do])

If that phone number is in your Contacts, then modify the phone number in Contacts (for example, change the last digit). If it’s not in your Contacts, then skip this step.
Go to ExchangeBlocker and set the exchange to be this second phone’s exchange. Now that second phone will be blocked.
Call from the second phone. The call should go straight to voicemail.
Don’t forget to change the number back in your Contacts.

For example, if my friend’s phone number is “408-555-1111”, then I go to Contacts and change his number to “408-555-1112“. Then I go into ExchangeBlocker and set the exchange to “408-555”. Then I have my friend call me. The number should go to voicemail. With the test complete, I would go back into Contacts and set his number back to 408-555-1111 (and change the exchange to the one I really want blocked).

How does ExchangeBlocker stay up to date?

ExchangeBlocker tries to update the block list in the background using the iOS feature called “Background App Refresh.” However, iOS does not guarantee that apps will run in the background. In particular, if you quit an app (by swiping up in the multitasking view, for example), or if you restart your phone, then that app will typically not run in the background until you open it manually.

Regardless, ExchangeBlocker will update the block list whenever you open it. So, if you add or change a contact that is in the blocked exchange, the best thing to do is open ExchangeBlocker briefly.

Can I use ExchangeBlocker with other Call Blockers?

Yes. Call Blockers do not conflict with each other.

How can I send feedback?

The easiest way is to email us.

Tap this link: Send Feedback

What other apps do you make?

GentlemenCoders primarily develops photography software for iOS and macOS.

If you want to learn about those apps, tap here: https://gentlemencoders.com