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    I am using rawpower for an album of roughly 400 raw images on a iPad pro 10.5 running the latest ios. It works pretty well I have two questions/complains though:
    – when I swipe though the library somehow the view switches between full screen view and view with menus. Its the same behavior as one would single touch the image. It is a bit annoying as it adds a black frame between the swipes as it pops up and collapse again. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

    -is there a way to view the real raw version of the image instantly, without pressing edit button first?
    When I swipe though the gallery I think I only get the integrated jpeg preview from the raw file, which is cool as it allows faster swiping. But sometimes I want to check if the sharpness of the raw file is really on point. The only way to do this is to tap edit… Well at least its the only way I found 🙂
    Is there an easier way? If not please add one 😉

    Best regards m.

    Nik Bhatt


    I believe that the “swipe turning into full-screen” issue is the device occasionally registering a tap vs. a swipe (which is determining in part by distance the finger moves when it is touching the screen, as well as how long). There may be a way to ignore taps in this situation, but I would have to look into it (there isn’t a way directly with iOS – I’d have to implement some kind of heuristic).

    There is not a current way to view the real RAW version without entering edit. There are two reasons for that:
    1) often, the RAW is not present on the device and has to be downloaded. Downloading the RAW would greatly affect the interaction experience when moving through the library. It could be a preference, of course. Right now there is already an issue where the app needs to download the full-size preview – this would be worse with RAWs.

    2) RAWs require a lot of memory, so it puts a lot of pressure on the system. Memory pressure can lead to crashes (when an app uses too much memory, iOS terminates the app). This is an issue some customers experience currently even with the current system, so I’m sure it would be worse.

    If RAW loading occurs automatically, then as people swipe through the library, the app will have to start and stop RAW loads. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that in iOS – it’s possible to cancel a download, but not a decode. As a result, memory will spike as there are multiple images being decoded at once, which will certainly crash the app. The app can wait a few seconds before loading the RAW, but a) that is annoying in its own way and b) everyone swipes at a different rate. The result is that some people swipe at just the right rate to have a terrible experience. This happened a lot with Aperture 1.0.

    Both issues could probably be overcome, but it’s quite a bit of work. Something I’ll think about for the future, but not something I can do right now.

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    Thank you for your reply Nik.

    About 1 – I can see that it is a problem if the OS does not properly recognize the event. I guess the easiest way of fixing it would be to make a setting for the single tap behavior in the app.
    About 2 – I haven’t thought about the download issue, as my pictures are always on the device. I thought it would be handy to just quickly do a guesture (as holding) and directly see the raw version. But as you describe it, the short delay isnt from switching to edit mode, but actually loading and decoding the raw file, so the behaviour would be the same even with a gesture. I see that’s problematic.

    Thank you for your time

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