Free download on the App Store.
Video demonstration of the new features here


  1. Alexander

    What is the full cost for the app?

    • Nik Bhatt

      The app is free to download and use. There is currently one in-app purchase of advanced adjustments (Curves, Depth, White Balance for USD $4.99).

  2. Tedon

    Fantastic and well designed apps. I have been testing the iOS and macOS apps and finally decided I will be making the purchase of both today. By having both it provides parity in my processing of RAW images regardless of whether I am on my iPhone or my Mac.

    Do you have a road map of features you plan on implementing? I know you are just building your app on top of Apples RAW engine to simply provide us more complete access to the features of the engine but do you plan on adding anything additional such as lens correction, local adjustments, radial/linear gradients, etc?

    Please keep up the terrific work and I look forward to your future developments.

    • Nik Bhatt

      Thank you for your purchases and the compliments – I appreciate the support!

      I will be making a blog post in the coming days with the changes coming in the next releases. You can check the site periodically, or you can use the RSS URL (

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