Unsupported Images

RAW Power relies on Apple’s RAW engine for camera support. Apple periodically releases support for new cameras, but it does not pre-announce that support. As a result, unfortunately, we do not have any insight into WHEN Apple will support a new camera.

Apple publishes (and updates) web pages for camera support. Here are the current links:

macOS Support
iOS Support

Any exceptions are footnoted on those pages. For example, Apple still does not support Fuji compressed RAW images. To work around this problem, you can use DNG Converter from Adobe. It will rewrap the RAW data into a format that Apple can read. You will still have full access to the RAW data if you do this.

Camera support is delivered both in software updates (like iOS 13.3) and in the background as “Mobile Updates”. Apple does not provide a user interface for controlling or downloading Mobile Updates.

If your camera is supported according to the above lists, but you still cannot get it to work, please try the following:

– make sure you have all updates of macOS or iOS installed
– plug your device into power
– make sure it is connected to WiFi
– restart your device
– check again the next day.

I wish I had a better series of troubleshooting steps, but these appear to work pretty reliably. If you have additional questions, you can contact me.